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Zkyslá smetánka


Sunday 19.5.2024, 19:30


Sold out

Shall we get a little one? But just one, I have to work tomorrow!

They’ve got cool friends, cool jobs, cool money and a super fun life, especially with a white ziplock bag in their pocket on standby. But what happens when one of them turns out to be a bit of a bullshitter? This Prague elite is probably a little sour…

Scenario: Markéta Lukášková
Directed by Lukáš Pečenka
Cast: Michal Kern, Jan Sklenář, Zdeněk Hruška, Míra Nosek, Michal Slaný, Tereza Petrášková, Lea Surovcová
Costumes and poster design by Lucie Charvátová
Production: Radka Rüster