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zakázanÝ ovoce, Koblížci, Wotazník


Thursday 21.12.2023, 19:30


300 CZK in presale

presale via GoOut

Bands zakázanÝovoce and Koblížci invite you to a special 15-concert tour called Opuštěný děti tour, during which they will present a new song Opuštěný děti from Koblížci feat. zakázanÝovoce. Audiences can of course look forward to both bands’ hit songs as well as the perfect show that both bands will bring to all fifteen cities. The tour starts on 11 November in Tábor and the last concert will take place on 21 December in Prague at Rock Café, where the frontman of the band zakázanÝovoce Yaris will also celebrate his 40th birthday.
The band Wotazník will perform as a guest.