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Wang Wen (CN), Jambinai (KOR)


Monday 13.5.2024, 19:00


440 CZK in presale / 500 CZK at doors

Presale via GoOut

On one of the Mondays in May we prepared an unusual party on the waves of post-rock with performers from Asia.

Sophistication, care, story and strong emotions. The pioneers of Chinese post-rock Wang Wen return to the Czech Republic after six years. This year, on their European tour, they are not only presenting their last two released albums, “100,000 Whys” (2020) and “Painful Clown & Ninja Tiger” (2022), but also celebrating their 25th anniversary. However, even after a quarter of a century, they do not lack verve – the melancholic melody is interrupted by the guitarist with a bow or even a screwdriver at the moment when the listener least expects it.

Next we look across the Yellow Sea to South Korea. Jambinai combines metal, post-rock, electronica and traditional Korean instruments such as the haegun, piri and geomungo to create an unconventionally traditional sound for which Jambinai has won many awards.