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Exhibition: Šárka Vildová (Vild Art) – ŽIVEL


5.5. – 5.6.2022


free entry

The Živel exhibition presents a series of twelve new paintings that will be freely available for direct sale. The main idea of ​​the exhibition is an abstract depiction of the natural elements water, fire, earth and air. The author of the exhibition aims at the temperament of each individual and awakens in them their inner desires. It is a set of paintings with a diverse color scale and a distinctive relief structure. There will be an acrylic painting on canvas in combination with various techniques. The author’s experimental work is based mainly on abstract expressionism, which places great emphasis on detail, and therefore you can look forward to novelty, liveliness and uniqueness of paintings. The sale of original works will also take place in digital NFT form.

Šárka Vildová is a Czech painter originally from Tábor, South Bohemia. She is a graduate of SUPŠ Bechyně and a three-year study at the University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Education with a focus on fine arts. She is currently the only artist under the brand Vild Art, which she built together with her husband Martin Vild. Vild Art focuses on purely abstract free creation and private art. More than 200 works are currently in private collections.

Every year, they donate the proceeds from the auctioned paintings to charity.

All canvases are painted using acrylic paints in combination with structuring paste.

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