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Exhibition: PLAYERS WITH LAYERS: Jakub Novotný and Zuzana Vápeníková / KZW


12.2. – 1.3.2022


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Knedlo Zelo Wear is a brand hailing originally from Tábor, currently run by its co-founder –
illustrator Jakub Novotný and textile designer Zuzana Vápeníková. In their Prague studio, the two
focus predominantly on the technique of silkscreen printing and fashion production.The current
exhibition of Knedlo Zelo Wear’s original works highlights mainly the possibilities of upcycling and
exploring new directions in which the fashion brand may further develop.

Jakub Novotný’s graphics and illustrations, likely familiar to the audience in the form of T-shirt or
tote bag prints are herein presented on snippets of fabrics that come to existence as a side
product of the manufacturing processes. These recycled fragments which may normally be
disposed or used as cleaning rags, are presented in the exhibition as collages or individual
canvases combining a plethora of colors, patterns and prints on fabric.

Whereas last years’s graphic publication “KZW 10/100: Antologie/ontologie” focused primarily on
10 years of KZW illustrations and the stories they contain, the current exhibition “PLAYERS WITH
LAYERS” aims to emphasize the evolution of graphic design and illustrations towards new forms
and techniques of textile and color works.

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