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Výstava obrazů: Ondra Zajíc – Zajícova benefiční výstava a jeho metalový doprovod III.


4.10. – 20.10.2023


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Hare is a visual artist, a kriplpunk and a burnout dancer. He works with digital art, which he uses in a classical way by layering colours. He enjoys dark and controversial subjects. Combining biomechanics with mysticism. His work is undoubtedly influenced by the severe disability of progressive muscular dystrophy, a muscular disease that in its consequences leads to disability and premature death. We write none of this because he is trying to evoke feelings of pity or admiration. It is merely to explain who he is. Each of the images reflects the artist’s personal experience. He has spent time in the world of each of them and is thus a part of it.

This year the fundraiser is aimed at helping war-torn Ukraine. The organization,, collects humanitarian supplies and redistributes them to various locations directly in Ukraine. Proceeds from the benefit concert and painting sales will go into their organization’s transparent account.

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