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Exhibition of illustrations and book covers by Jana Maffet Šouflová – Maffet’s Fantastic Worlds


1.1. – 1.11.2023


free entry

Welcome to the land of fantasy, where mages, mighty dragons, and brave heroes and heroines roam the world. Embark on a journey into an unknown universe full of dream worlds told through the author’s illustrations and paintings. The exhibition features not only book covers or other paintings, but also selected interior illustrations, including excerpts from the books for which they were created. Most of the illustrations are painted in classic watercolour, but the painting technique varies from acrylic to oil to various shellac experiments inspired by Japanese lacquer.

About the artist
Illustrator Jana Maffet Šouflová is a professional graphic designer specializing in web, social media and print advertising. Her book illustrations are among the most famous in the fantasy genre. She has over 150 fantasy, sci-fi, historical and adventure book covers to her credit. Among other things, she specializes in classical painting, where she depicts natural motifs enriched with gilding, inspired by Eastern or medieval art. Vice at

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