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EXHIBITION: 33 years of Rock Café


26.1. – 8.3.2024


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33 years of Rock Café

The legendary Prague Rock Café celebrates 33 years! The history of this iconic club dates back almost to the Velvet Revolution, as the first events took place shortly after it. For more than three decades, the club has become the epicenter of Prague’s cultural events and has been the birthplace of many stars. The Rock Café has also become a symbol of freedom and creativity and has hosted countless domestic and foreign artists. Part of the celebration of Christ’s years is also an exhibition that offers a unique view of the development of the club from its beginnings through the 90s to the present day.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore a rich collection of historical leaflets, posters and zine programs documenting various cultural events and important moments of the club. Special attention is paid to the relationship between the club and Václav Havel, the former president of the Czech Republic. The exhibition also includes impressive visual materials relating to the architecture and renovations, showing how the club has evolved over the years. A very important moment in the history of the club was the demonstration and the fight for the preservation of the Rock Café, when the club was threatened with its closure.

The exhibition of 33 years of the Rock Café is not only a tribute to the past, but also a look into the future of this iconic space, which still remains an important center for the music, theater and art communities.