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Vernissage: Collective of international artists – Art for Ukraine II.


Sunday 3.4.2022, 18:00


free entry

There is a direct sale of paintings in support of Ukraine

|| Exhibition Art Helps Ukraine II (from April 3rd to May 2nd 2021)
|| Opening on April 3rd from 6 pm

Painters living in the Czech republic, but originally coming from Ukraine, Russia or Georgia, want to support and help Ukraine in its very difficult times- Some of them currently live and work abroad – in Germany, Canada or here, in Czecha. The artists, mainly devoted to classical painting, are not beginners. Some of them are members of the Ukrainian National Association or studied at leading Russian art academies. Work of these artists captures a wide range of different inspirations and styles such as impressionism, realism, romanticism, expressionism and minimalism. Their paintings are represented in the collections of national galleries in Ukraine and Russia. “The aim of this collective of artists is the direct sale of their paintings, in order to financially help the Ukrainian army to win the war with Russia,” said Larysa Olshevska, one of the artists.

Painters participating in the exhibition and direct sales of paintings at the opening are:

|| Taras Loboda (UA)
|| Larysa Olshevska (UA)
|| Igor Shulman (RU)
|| Mychajlo Mykora (UA)
|| Serhiy Reznichenko (UA)
|| Alexandr Klemens (RU)
|| Vitaly Kolesnikov (UA)
|| Maja Ramishvili (GE)
|| Roman Zuzuk(UA, CAN)
|| Margaryta Sheiko (UA)
|| Paul Kaminsky (KAZ, D)

The paintings will go for sale directly at the Rock Café, where you can also support the Ukrainian Embassy by buying them.

Free entry

Photos by Jiří Šourek.

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