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Underground Comedy Speciál: RAW stand-up


Friday 14.4.2023, 20:00


300 CZK in presale / 350 CZK at doors

Presale via GoOut

A show as sharp as an uncut diamond. You may cut yourself, and it’s often not a pretty sight, but somewhere in there, beneath the silt, there may be a true treasure. Or maybe not. Right here, at our RAW nights, our comedians showcase their brand new material. You haven’t been able to hear them until now. And they have no idea if you’ll laugh. No other stand-up show in Prague offers such a dose of adrenaline and pure energy.

Humour that won’t leave you in peace. Topics that aren’t talked about.

The musical accompaniment will be provided by Tonda Procházka from The Cupcake Collective, who will combine individual notes into a barrage of chords, concords and accordions.