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Underground Comedy: Co by kdyby


Wednesday 19.4.2023, 20:00


300 CZK in presale / 350 CZK at doors

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Underground Comedy. This group of comedians has been performing at Rock Café for more than seven years and during that time the club has become the most important stand-up comedy scene in Prague. Being on stage alone with a microphone is a real adrenaline rush, but sometimes the spotlight makes you feel a little sad. So now the comedians have come up with a brand new format to win your heart and your waistline again.

What if gravity didn’t exist? What if Greenland had won World War II? What if you had five penises for fingers and you had to knit a sweater? Do you ever have fun pondering similarly wacky hypothetical situations, too? The new show What If? is full of them. Two teams of comedians are pitted against each other and each must describe to the audience how they would handle the situation. And sometimes they have to act it out. Completely improvised, no props, zero preparation. The show combines elements of a panel show (in the Czech Republic, for example, Guess Who I Am, Wouldn’t I Lie to You, etc.) with a classic impro show. This unusual clone is described as follows:

“Yes, we have sunk that low too. What your aunt does in the cultural centre in the village or your annoying boss does at team building, we do now in Underground Comedy – we take improv classes. And because all good team building ends with a party for friends and family, Underground Comedy stand-up invites you to this strange experiment. And if you still don’t get what’s going on – yes, at times it will look a lot like ‘The Party’, but not really. You still don’t get it, do you? Neither do we.”

Performers: Tereza Bonaventurová, Nikola Džokič, Martin Jirman a Jan Studnička.
Running time: 120 minutes with intermission

Show is just in Czech language.