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The Good The Bad and The Zugly (NOR), The Dogs (NOR) + support


Friday 15.4.2022, 20:00


220 CZK + charges / 270 CZK at doors

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The Good The Bad and The Zuglyhas received a lot of attention since their debut in 2011. 

The band consist of good old-fashioned punk rockers, and they are fronted by one of Norway’s most charismatic vocalists; Ivar Nikolaisen (Kvelertak). 

The Good The Bad and The Zugly released their highly acclaimed third studio-album “Misanthropical House” on January 26th 2018. They recived the norwegian grammy for this album. 

The Good The Bad and The Zugly delivers dirty and catchy quality punk with references to early Turbonegro and Poison Idea and. The band is known for their intense and explosive live shows that are a must-see and will leave you begging for more. 
 In October 2021 The Good The Bad and The Zugly are releasing their fourth studio album. And they will come to Rock Café on 15th April 2022 to share the album with CZ audience!

The Dogs (NOR)
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