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Talk show of the Etzler brothers Křížem krážem


Monday 29.1.2024, 19:00


390 CZK in presale / 450 at doors

presale via GoOut

The talk show is in Czech language only.

The Ostrava brothers Miroslav and Tomáš Etzler have both had extraordinary life anabases. Although they are similar in many ways, they have sought and are seeking their path in completely different ways. They will tell you where their journeys have taken them, where their paths connect and where they diverge. They let us glimpse the difficulties and joys of finding our own. That the paths are more winding than usual, and that their personalities make them sparkle, will probably surprise no one.

For an evening of memories and future plans, they invited a kindred spirit – the great chansonnier Naďa Válová. Even her life path was not simple and straightforward.

Crossing the Tracks offers an engaging evening of funny and sad, emotionally charged stories that will present all three performers in a slightly different light than we know them.