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Space of Variations (UA), Evermorphing (UA), STELLVRIS, Up!Great


Wednesday 20.3.2024, 19:00


1st wave 320 CZK / 2nd wave 380 CZK / 450 CZK at doors

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Imago Europe Tour 2024!

Space Of Variations /UA/
An essential band of the contemporary underground modern metal scene. Thanks to their intense work and perseverance, this band was shot out of their Ukrainian homeland to prove that their original music should be part of the international music scene. Their “never give up” attitude has seen them take to the stages, playing alongside bands such as P.O.D., Architects, Eskimo Callboy, Jinjer, Emmure, Devil Driver, Bad Omens, Three Days Grace, Malevolence, Vended and Adept and releasing several singles themselves. Highlights include the LP Mind Darknet, which contains the fantastic single “Tibet”, which has over 800k views on YouTube and has caught the attention of fans and people revolving around the music industry. The Ukrainian powerhouse Space Of Variations explores interesting sonic nooks and feelings and wins over listeners by engulfing them with the various moods contained in the melodies and lyrics, experiencing everything from brutal and uncompromising moments to emotionally charged ones. They will be touring to promote their latest release to date, “Imago”, on Napalm Records.

Up!Great /CZ/
Veronica Hurt and her boys.
HC/rock/nu-metal mix with absolute female energy. They have released three albums, love mixing styles not only in their own work, but love to combine their live shows with bands of different genres.
They’ve shared stages with Ukrainian crossover powerhouse Jinjer, and over the past few years have often appeared on stages alongside Moldovan nu-metallers Infected Rain. At the end of last year they finished a new CD in DS studio. Two singles from the album are out so far with music videos – “Everyone Knows the Truth” and “Why?!”.