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Ruins Alone / Yoshida Tatsuya (JAP) a Už jsme doma


Monday 28.8.2023, 20:00


300 CZK in presale / 350 CZK at doors

Presale via GoOut

One of the best Japanese drummers Tatsuya Yoshida will come to Prague’s Rock Café club at the end of August with his one man project RUINS ALONE. He will be joined on stage by his long-time friends, the legendary punk avant-garde band Už jsme doma.

Tatsuya Yoshida is one of the most innovative drummers on the Japanese avant-garde scene, a composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist. He started in the early 80s. In 1985, he founded RUINS, a duo of drums and bass guitar and vocals. RUINS are a unique fusion of contemporary music, hard-core and progressive rock. They soon became known all over the world and toured dozens of countries. For many avant-garde bands they were and still are a huge authority and an unattainable role model. RUINS have since existed in several variations, RUINS ALONE being one of them.

Yoshida has played and continues to play with many other groups such as Koenji Hyakkei, Korekyojin, Zeni Geva, Samla Mammas Manna, Painkiller, Cicala Mvta, Acid Mothers Gong, YB02, or in conjunction with individual musicians from around the world. These have included John Zorn, Haino Keiji, Richard Pinhas, Fred Frith, Otomo Yoshihide, Derek Bailey, Charles Hayward, among others.

“His solo performances are energized and leave you literally standing with your mouth open. Yoshida uses a sequencer with pre-recorded tracks and accompanies him on drums in uncompromisingly precise harmony with great virtuosity and expressive vocals,” says Miroslav Wanek, guitarist and singer of Už jsme doma Miroslav Wanek, about his Japanese friend.

The band Už jsme doma needs no long introduction to domestic music lovers. Neither in the Czech Republic nor abroad is there any music similar to what Už jsme doma plays. It is punkishly wild, urgent, at the same time compositionally demanding, elaborated to the detail with timeless lyrics. Typical is the trumpet sound, choirs, incredible tempo and live performances that overflow with strong energy and humour. Perhaps that’s why their audiences don’t grow old with them.

According to the results of the domestic critics’ poll Břitva 2022, the group Už jsme doma (and also FPB) was inducted into the Gallery of Legends.