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Robin Schenk (křest alba Paladins & Tyrants)


Thursday 13.6.2024, 20:00


250 CZK

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Music on the border between alternative rock and baroque pop, where the sound of distorted guitars blends with symphonic surfaces, synthesizers and unusual sound colours. Robin Schenk will perform with a band consisting of Petr Ptáček (drums), Pavel Palát (electric guitar), Josef Stráník (bass guitar), Štěpán Filípek (cello).

Robin Schenk, composer, musician and actor, award-winning author of stage theatre music, embarks on a hero’s journey and presents his debut album Paladins & Tyrants. In collaboration with Jerome Šubrt of Lake Malawi, Norwegian producer Jowst and Lukas Chromek, and with the input of dozens of other musicians from around the world, a work that experiments with unconventional combinations of musical elements and genres has been created. From catchy pop melodies to symphonic surfaces with operatic vocals to elements of electronic music, hard rock or metalcore.

The title of the album Paladins & Tyrants comes from the world of fantasy and mythology and is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Thousand Faces of a Hero. One of the main concepts of this author is the “hero’s journey”, and this has become a major source of inspiration. “A hero who must cross the threshold of everyday comfort and venture into the wilderness to fulfill his destiny. This is the theme that permeates the entire album. But ‘Paladins & Tyrants’ doesn’t stay frozen in a dream world. It is also a broad reflection of the times we live in,” Robin describes. It begins with ‘Infinity’ as a trip into infinity, expressing the limitless potential of the human mind. It ends with Kids from the Eastern Bloc, a return to earth, a paean to the thwarted potential of many who lived their youth in communist Czechoslovakia.