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Palacity (DE), Circvit (DE), Adovany


Saturday 23.9.2023, 19:00


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Synth sounds with light keybord sounds, catchy lyrics and indie-guitar: This is how you get to know the Nuremberg band Palacity. This band combines Indie-Rock and Pop into their own mix.
Palacity started in 2019 as a student band, back then Daniel and Philipp were just the two of them and performed under the name “D.P.R.”. After Christina joined the band with backing vocals, the first recordings took place in their grandmother’s rehearsal room. At the festival “Rambazamba in der Pampa” they gathered their first stage experience. For Synth-Sound, however, they still lacked the necessary keyboard instrument. After a successful search on Facebook, the band was almost complete. After drummer Rico joined, the sound was even better and only a new name was missing. Since then they have been performing under the name “palacity”.
Originally, the then five-piece band wanted to spend 2020 on the stages of Franconia (an area in Bavaria). But instead of sticking their heads in the sand during the pandemic, they recorded their debut album “Untamed”. With guitarist Daniel, the band “palacity” was finally complete.

The band’s biggest performance to date was at a Fridays for Future climate demonstration.
With their performance and sound they convinced not only the audience but also the jury of the Erlangen Newcomer-Festival 2021 with their “palacity”.
But even after that, the band did not slack off. In 2023, the band has already released two new singles for their fans: Tarrying and Fly Away. In June, “palacity” also performed at the “IN.DIE.musik Festival” in Hof. At the end of the summer, fans can look forward to the new single “Shawty”. Thanks to the band swap of Erlangen, the band will also look further afield this year, coming to Prague.

Wall of Death or sing along. The basis is Melodic Metalcore spiced with various genres like Prog, Djent and Jazz. Crivit is a musical collective of six people from the vicinity of Erlangen, Germany. After playing for several years as three students from the same school and covering various songs of very well known Metal bands of this genre, the band started in 2018 to play their own melodic style with elements of Jazz to Djent to Metalcore. At their shows you will encounter melodic Metalcore with variations of a large number of changing genres. From Prog to Jazz and Dento to Core, you can sing along to their music and there will be the obligatory Wall of Death. Plus two singers and a stunning performance guarantee an unforgettable evening.