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Obscure presents: We Came As Romans (USA) + support: Caskets (UK), SeeYouSpaceCowboy (USA)


Saturday 13.5.2023, 19:00


650 CZK

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WE CAME AS ROMANS after nearly eighteen years together, marked by several changes in their ranks and, unfortunately, a tragic event marking the passing of their brother Kyle Pavone, they have survived together.
After his death in 2018, the quintet decided to move on, returning to the road with Bullet For My Valentine (coincidentally, they’re playing in Prague tomorrow) and then reuniting in the studio with longtime collaborator Nick Sampson . The result is Darkbloom’s sixth opus, which is certainly worthy of his memory, as it’s once again filled with dense guitars, punchy grooves and cathartic screams over which resonating choruses arch.
And now, after countless sold-out shows, critical acclaim and hundreds of millions of streams, the Michigan quintet returns to Prague after nearly 10 years.

Having crafted an intricate blend of melodies and riffs on their opening EP ‘Ghost Like You’, the Leeds five-piece are now focused on the lesson they want to impart. “Break these chains”, sings vocalist Matt Flood repeatedly on the album’s opening track ‘The Only Ones’, a testament to the freedom they’ve gained through their willingness to open up and be heard. This confident message unfolds around his dynamic vocals, honed by a number of previous musical ventures, and perfectly complements the band’s mastery of heavy and delicate vocals. It is dominated by the band’s forward-thinking approach, with which Caskets intend to further subvert expectations of metalcore and post-hardcore.

Combining the MySpace-era grind sound they loved as teenagers with more modern takes on the heavy music genre, the California-based SeeYouSpaceCowboy formed in October 2016 as a self-described “indulgence project” — but have since risen to become one of the most exciting bands in the underground scene’s new wave.They’ve done so not only through a devastatingly heavy and dextrous hardcore sound, but also razor-sharp lyricism at the hands of frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa. The satirical, tongue-in-cheek and highly political writing of the band’s early material earned them the genre tag sasscore, but Sgarbossa bares her soul more explicitly than ever on SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s new album, THE CORRELATION BETWEEN ENTRANCE AND EXIT WOUNDS.