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Obscure presents: This Will Destroy You (USA), The Ocean (DE)


Monday 25.9.2023, 19:00


590 CZK in presale / 650 CZK at doors

presale via, GoOut, Ticketmaster

Experimental rockers THIS WILL DESTROY YOU compose long, atmospheric instrumental tracks and use layers of variously-effected guitars to take the listener into the hidden worlds of their minds in their cascading cinematic music and drawn-out surfaces. Their sound has a multi-coloured spectrum and contains influences of shoegaze, ambient, doom metal and post-rock.
In addition to their albums THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, they have composed and recorded music for numerous feature films, documentaries and art installations.
Moreover, the band from California hasn’t performed in Europe since 2018, and their last extensive tour was in 2014 anyway, so many cities on the old continent are waiting for their return.
And it’s coming. In September, they will be coming with Berlin-based collective THE OCEAN.
The dense progressive metal performed by THE OCEAN is diametrically opposed to the commonly perceived form of the genre. De facto, it’s a shattering heavy collision of post-metal and dark hardcore, so that progressive metal here gives way to the straightforward intensity of the message to explode out when its time comes.
Rather than heroic instrumentation, the driving force is heavy and ingenious rhythms, thoughtful song structures and playing with arrangements and melody. What’s important is the gradation and escalation of tension with a suffocating atmosphere and sense of drama. And then there’s Loïc Rossetti, who can get just about anything out of his throat.
THE OCEAN’s music is haunting and doesn’t lose its message even after many listens.