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Obligatne, Luciana + guest


Wednesday 20.9.2023, 20:00


220 CZK in presale / 280 CZK at doors

presale via GoOut

A gentle caress with a touch of soul, supported by lush rhythmics with novel guitar harmonies on the surface of the compact and modern sound of the band led by singer and composer Kristína Mindová. Originally a solo project based on bedroom songwriting, they now sound live in a four-piece line-up, newly augmented by Mark Frait (mmnk), which together create quirky pop weaving through all shades of Kristina’s lethargic expression. The debut album Monológ Spasy was released on the Brno label Kabinet Records. Obligatne are currently preparing a new EP with composer Richard Grimm (God and Eve, Boh Vajec), which will be released in 2023.

The Prague-Brno band, originally named Luciana & Bananabois, was formed in 2019 as a fusion of the talented soul singer Luciana Tomášová and Brno musicians Jury Habarta (Ghost Of You, Čau Česko), Vojtěch Vaida (Phoibos, Lydian project) and David Pšenčík (Acute Dose, David Invalid & Individual Band). An unmistakable voice, at the same time soft and rough, jazz drums with lo-fi guitar and bass, that’s Luciana. Goosebumps, charisma and lightness.