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Night of Suicide Angels vol. IX: Bikkinyshop, Backfist and more


Friday 29.9.2023, 19:05


1st wave 299 CZK (till 31.8.) / 2nd wave 399 CZK (till 27.9.) / 499 CZK at doors

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Suicide Angels christen the 10th anniversary charity calendar, with the leading Czech photographer David Kraus behind the lens. The evening is hosted by stand-up comedian, moderator, journalist and writer Jirka Štraub. Backfist (hardcore), Bikkinyshop (nu-core) will perform. Playpiercing show Fousage (Inkdividual) + 2 tattooed beauties, stylish raffle, live charity tattoo session and painting sale – all in support of little Andulka and Viktorka. The evening will include the election of the first ever Inked Beauty Czechoslovakia – the most stylish tattooed Czechoslovakian woman.