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Thursday 28.9.2023, 19:00


15 - 20 EU

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We apologies for canceling the show due to the organizational reasons on the band’s side.

N.R.M., in English “Independent Republic of Dreams”) is a rock band from Minsk, Belarus, founded in 1981 as Mroja (Belarusian: Мроя). They are considered to be the most popular rock band in the country, performing in the Belarusian language, and are a rallying point for political opposition to the Belarusian government, although they were the target of a 2006-2009 performance ban.

Mroja was founded in 1981 at the Alexei Glebov University in Minsk by Lavon Volski (keyboards, vocals) and Vladimir Davidovsky (guitar). They gave their first concert on 7 November 1981. During the 1980s there were several line-up changes. They also released several albums. On 24 September 1989, the band performed at the Cervona Ruta festival in Chernivtsi, where they played the songs “Shmat”, “Australijskaja polka”, “Mama – Mafiya” and “Ziamla”.

Their music tends towards melodic hard rock with witty and often indirectly political lyrics. Since the late 1990s, the band’s albums and promotional materials have generally used the Latin alphabet, a Belarusian version of the Latin alphabet that was widely used alongside the Cyrillic alphabet before the Soviet Union was formed. Some songs from NRM’s first album under this name, LaLaLaLa, were performed by Mroja as early as 1990.