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M.B.A. Company – My děti ze stanice ZOO


Saturday 11.5.2024, 19:00


200 CZK - 350 CZK

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Christiane F., a young girl from Gropiusstadt in West Germany in the 1970s, who first encountered hashish at the age of 12 in an evangelical youth centre and heroin at a disco at the age of 13. She soon became addicted to drugs, going to school during the day and earning money for drugs by prostitution at the Zoo station in the afternoon with her friends. Christiane F. tells the story of the fate of the children whom the public only learns about from the headlines announcing their deaths. Christiane F.’s story is repeated daily around the world.

Who are the M.B.A. Company?
We are a theatre company M.B.A. Company (“Murder By Art”) founded in 2019 by three actors: Vladimír Bastl, Dagmar Jegerová and Viktoria Mellešová. Our first milestone was the Czech premiere of the play “Jess and Joe Forever” by Zoe Cooper. The text by the contemporary British author shows the relationship of two young people who, although they resist it, are better off together than without each other. Jess and Joe, a girl and a boy who are trying to figure out who they are and how to fit into the world around them. Is what they’ve been told at home true? Are Mom and Dad always right? And is there even room for them in this world?