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Monte Carlo Strippers, Fumar mata, Opening Act


Wednesday 14.6.2023, 20:00


200 CZK in presale / 250 CZK at doors

presale via GoOut

Prague alternative band Monte Carlo Strippers returns to Prague Rock Café after one year! This time with an acoustic EP and a number of new singles!
For this occasion they have invited bands The Opening Act and Fumar Mata to help them.
Two more sparkling gems of the Prague night! ✨

Monte Carlo Strippers
To prepare this explosive drink you need two parts of kick ass guitars, one part funky drums, a light splash of distorted bass and spice it all up with Laney Stalye’s unique vocals. ⛓️
Let’s not forget to add the finishing touch of psychedelic guitar solos! 🍄
If you want a taste of our grungy/funky/alt. mix, sit tight, the bartender is already pulling out a glass. 💜

Fumar Mata
We’re a young psychedelic-rock band of old school toothpicks, stuck in the 80s-90s for musical inspiration. We don’t play fast or slow, but we hope that our thick sound composed of guitars, keys, bass, drums, tambourine and dreamy vocals will make you at least raise an eyebrow.
We’re cool because we wear glasses and sometimes we smoke. We’d love for you to come hear us and support our work!

The Opening Act
We are fire, we are the wind in the branches, we are love, we are pain, we are wild monkeys, we are the Boys from Higher Girl and music is our medicine. Fate put us together to play and we will always play! We write songs from life and speak the language of art rock and arpeggiators
The Opening Act is a Prague student band founded in 2021 by founding members Taber and Armand Kotik, Mikolas Vojtech, Ben Poppy and Anatole Legros.

Time – 19:00 – Door
20:00 – The Opening Act
21:00 – Monte Carlo Strippers
22:00 – After party – Fumar Mata