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Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab (křest desky) + special guests: Sépie z Hor, Neue Welt


Saturday 15.4.2023, 20:00


220 CZK in presale

Presale via GoOut

After the christening at the home crab hatchery in Pilsen, Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab will present their new album Farm Alarm in Prague!

Marcel Gidote’s Holy Crab (MGHC) is a five-piece bandit group hailing from the wild west. They create under the guise of psychedelia and are not afraid of any genre. They have released the EP Bay Of Roots (2020) and the LP Humidity Breaking Limits (2021). They have spent the last year recording and also on their first international missions. This year they’re expanding their output with an album called Farm Alarm, the physical form of which they’ll be rolling out at this very event. We are looking forward to it!

Sépie z Hor is a modern “jazz” band of four close friends and experienced musicians, formed over the last five years playing at Czech festivals, in clubs and on the streets of Berlin. In the last two years, the band has settled into the line-up of bass, saxophone, violin and drums. The music is based on improvisation, experimentation and elaboration of recurring motifs. The live performances of the well-coordinated musicians exude a lively energy and inspiration. In 2022, the band released its first album, Děj se volle soží, which was a success with the band’s fan base, as well as with people who had never heard the band.

Neue Welt is a Prague-based band operating in a slightly varying line-up only since 2020. They creatively blend post-prog and modern Brit-rock into a unique mix of poetry, anger and a fascination with beauty. Sweeping piano pieces, while blast-beat based guitar passages, all backed by violin, two vocals and melodic bass. Album around the corner.