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MOVED: Live Nation presents: Alessandra (NOR/IT)


Saturday 3.2.2024, 20:00


510 CZK via presale

This concert has been moved to Lucerna Music Bar by decision from the promoter. Thank you for understanding!


Alessandra – the favourite of this year’s Eurovision, half Norwegian and half Italian singer and songwriter, has captivated the audience at the age of only 20 with her powerful vocal technique and charismatic expression.

At just 20 years old, Alessandra – a half Norwegian, half Italian singer and songwriter – has captivated her audience with her strong vocal technique and star power.  

A passion for music has always burned inside of the young superstar. Since winning her very first song contest at just 6 years old, Alessandra has known that the stage is where she thrives and feels at home. Her desire to write and perform eventually brought her to her second home, Norway.

«I’ve always felt music in a very special way. A chord progression or a specific note can make me cry cause I feel it so intensely. So when I write songs, there is a lot of passion and thoughts put into it. I also like to combine Norwegian and Italian culture. We tend to look at life differently, so I like to mix the two different cultural perspectives together and see where it takes me.»

One of Alessandra’s biggest aspirations in life is to spread the message of self-love. A topic so close to her heart that she feels it should be taught in school.
With the intention of inspiring others to be confident and kind to themselves, the euphoric self-love anthem Queen of Kings was written.

«Why isn’t self-love taught in school? People go to therapy to learn how to practice self-love, so to me it’s mad that it’s not part of the school curriculum. I want to use my music to spread the message of loving yourself and finding your confidence, but I want it to be said in a fun and sassy way. I hope to be a role model that inspires others to love themselves and maybe one day might contribute to making self-love a part of the curriculum.»

It didn’t take long for Alessandra to become a Norwegian household name with the release of her empowering debut single; which has already surpassed an astonishing 55 million streams across platforms. 
The song also had a rise in popularity after it went viral on TikTok – where it has generated millions of likes and over 250 million views and counting.  

With a hit debut single in her hands, Alessandra solidified her worthiness of a superstar title while performing the song during the national finals. Her powerful vocal performance combined with an extraordinary stage presence and charisma results in a performance that oozes of confidence and star quality comparable to industry giants such as Lizzo and Ariana Grande. 

Alessandra is here to stay, and she wants to inspire listeners of all ages and genders to embody their inner Queen of Kings.