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Lakeside X


Wednesday 27.11.2024, 20:00


350 CZK in presale / 400 CZK at doors

Their sound has been compared many times to bands like Mesh, De/Vision or even Depeche Mode.
The band has released four albums in its history and has firmly established itself in the electronic scene. Fans of the band can be found all over the world, from their home country of the Czech Republic to Poland, Germany, the UK, Russia, to the USA and countries like Argentina.
Lakeside X’s songs combine melancholy with energy and synth sounds with live guitars. Together with the fragile voice of frontman and songwriter Janne Marvannen, it all creates a unique and original character of their music.
In 2022, they completed their fourth studio album with German producer Daniel Myer, Love Disappears. The album contains ten electronically charged songs, including the singles Rising, Time Has Come and Fascination.
2023 would be one of the more successful years for the band. For their Prague concert, they were chosen as the support act by the world music legend, Depeche Mode, and have performed at festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
For their Prague concert they have prepared special visual effects, a cross-section of all their work, but also many surprises.
Their debut album SUNRISE will celebrate its 20th anniversary.