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Korzo Národní 2023: LENNY, Metastavy, Tamara a další


Friday 17.11.2023, 10:00


free entry

Another year of celebrating the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution is here, and of course the Rock Café is also there, as in previous years, as the guarantor of the music programme. There will also be two theatre performances in our theatre hall during the day, and an evening afterparty will take place one floor down, in our music hall. And who will be performing at the National this year?

Lenny is a singer and author who has been a prominent figure on the Czech music scene for several years. She regularly appears in nominations for the most prestigious domestic music awards, her hits are played on the radio and she always offers her fans a unique artistic spectacle in addition to a unique musical experience. Her most successful album Hearts has rocked the pop scene across Europe and her latest single Overdosed was featured on the global Spotify campaign EQUAL, which led to Lenny appearing on the lead billboard of New York’s Times Square.

To be able to transcend the moment and gain insight about it is an enigmatic reflection of lyrics that mirror the experiences of all involved. The songs maintain a poetic detachment that you gradually sink into. With each listen, Metastavy takes you on an excursion through a life you’ve never known, but lived anyway. Their second album, Glowing Silence, seems to say that less is sometimes more, and that in the end, the day always comes – even if it seems impossible after endless darkness.

The TAMARA’s new EP, released in June this year, is titled Halo, this is Gina and it surpasses their debut album Anderson. The band suspends naivety and confronts the intricacies of relationships between things and people. The EP features five songs in which the band deals with the uncertainties in society and within themselves. Some of the songs are self-aware manifestos that deal with their own emancipation, while others are about still unfulfilled desires and the longing for peace and tranquility. As a starting point, the band offers an effort not to expect anything.