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Kebu (FIN)


Sunday 8.5.2022, 19:00


499 CZK

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Kebu is an artist from Finland, who creates new instrumental, melodic synthesizer music using analogue synthesizers only. His music is distinguished not only by a skillful treatment of analogue synthesis but also of an audience-captivating live performance – his YouTube channel has attracted over 70 million views and fans from all around the globe. Kebu was awarded the Best Artist Award in the German Schallwelle Music Awards in 2018.

Kebu’s debut album, To Jupiter and Back, was a tribute to the great synthesizer music that he grew up with. In his second studio album, Perplexagon, Kebu mixed influences from both 70’s and 80’s music as well as from modern electro in a distinct manner. Both albums debuted high in the Finnish Album Chart and were nominated as Best International Albums in the Schallwelle Music Awards.

While Kebu is best known among synthesizer enthusiasts, his talents are getting a wider recognition. In 2017, Kebu was commissioned by his birth town, Kristinestad, to write a special composition celebrating Finland’s 100th birthday. The resulting 18-minute piece for synthesizers and a 100 strong choir, Kring havet – Meren ympärillä, had its premiere at Finland’s independence day celebrations in front of a rapturous audience.

In 2019, Kebu was invited to perform twice at the 8th edition of the Film Music Prague Festival: first as supporting act to ‘Stranger Things’ composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, and then as part of a concert dedicated to the film music of Ridley Scott, performing the iconic Vangelis score for ‘Blade Runner’. Later that year, he collaborated with Amberian Dawn on their latest album Looking For You.

Following the release of Perplexagon, Kebu has been touring in Europe and given close to a hundred concerts in thirteen different countries. The DVD & double-album Live in Oslo presents a highlight from this tour – a two-hour long concert in Oslo, where Kebu presents the best of his own tunes as well as some of his most popular covers.
Kebu’s third studio album, “Urban Dreams”, was released in October 2021. Conceived during a time of lock-downs and people living in isolation in confined spaces, this instrumental album is exploring dreams – both those occurring during sleep and daydreams. Again, Kebu is pushing the limits of what can be done with analog synthesizers – similar to Kebu’s earlier releases, “Urban Dreams” was recorded using only analog synthesizers and analog drum machines. Kebu composes, performes and mixes the music himself.

Kebu is respected for his craft, and collaborates frequently with synthesizer manufacturers such as Roland. He also writes music for media and is represented by the prestigious music production company Air-Edel.