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Kabaret Caligula: Sráčí doupě / SOLD OUT


Saturday 1.4.2023, 19:30


Sold out

Kabaret Caligula is returning to the scene after eight years. Or is it April Fools?
Is there still a point in playing heroes? Can the elves shed their racial superiority? Can halflings half-identify as orcs? And can dwarves stop drinking and start singing songs of praise to the Dark Lord who has taken over the world?

The premiere and the debut of a show that will experimentally find out if we don’t fuck up anymore. And maybe even tell you what the future of theatre is.

In the first fifteen years of this century, Caligula Cabaret was one of the leading unknown companies of the Prague independent theatre scene. Its lavish brocade spectacles like Jan Hus: Resurrection, Hamlet: A Wish to Kill, and The Destruction of Space Libido brought him success with many audiences and several critics. After the release of its magnum opus PanzerFaust in 2015, the company fell into a creative and performance coma from which it is now experimentally awakening. Whether it will wake up from it permanently is still uncertain.