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John Wolfhooker + special guest: The Hirsch Effekt (DE)


Saturday 2.12.2023, 20:00


1st wave 300 CZK / 2nd wave 350 CZK / 400 CZK at doors

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John Wolfhooker returns to Rock Café.
John Wolfhooker is a four-piece rock band from Prague known primarily for their bold crossing of musical genre boundaries, technical instrumental parts, yet catchy choruses and energetic live performances.
The band draws from The Beatles, Periphery, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon and Billy Talent, and their sound is largely based on these influences. Their songs combine genres such as post-hardcore, pop-punk, funk and often go as far as progressive metal.

As a special guest, the German art-core/progressive band The Hirsch Effekt.
They describe their music as “riot art”. And really, it’s hard to classify. Because the trio “The Hirsch Effekt” from Hannover produces a wild crossover somewhere between indie rock, progressive metal and emocore. There are no limits in their music, so they convince with their uniqueness and creativity.
Not only classical instruments, but also trombones, horns, clarinets and harps create an unmistakable sound.
They bring it all to a common denominator and the result is what is simply called rock music. Their music will give you goosebumps and is so beautiful it will transport you. In a year and a half they have performed over 100 shows and have quickly gained many fans. Their quick and huge success is impressive – and well deserved.