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Jana Bastien (record release #9) + support Světlo


Wednesday 17.4.2024, 19:30


100 CZK

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Jana Bastien, nicknamed “the Czech rock Adele” for her melancholic and balladic style, focuses her songs mainly on the theme of relationships and dedicates her music mainly to women. Among her hits are “I won’t fall asleep”, “Patterns and Quarrels”.

In 2024, she comes with a novelty – her first self-released album in the Czech Republic in Slovak language #9 “devítka”, on which she collaborates with prominent producers Ondrej Žatkuliak, Tomi Popovič and Fillipian. In lyrics he collaborates with artists such as Jiri Krhut, Petr Harazin and singer and lyricist NIA.

At the concert in Rock Café you can look forward to the launch of the currently released album, support band Světlo, Petr Harazin and other guests.