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Insania (GRRRotesky tour) + guest: Bolehlav


Saturday 1.4.2023, 20:00


320 CZK + charges / 370 CZK at the doors

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Concert tour for the album “GRRRotesky”, released on Smile Music label. INSANIA’s new material builds on the previous album “Na początku byl spam”, layering sarcasm and irony on top of a foundation of strong metal rhythms with a distinct electro-synth track.
But this time on GRRRotesky, they go even further in perspective and self-irony, as indicated by tracks like “Narvi svůj testosteron elsewhere”, “Ses embarraspnil” or “Jedeme peklo”. The concept of the record plays with the grotesqueness of historical events, the visuals are conceived as a gangsta version of 1920s grotesques. The title of the album and the tour “GRRRotesky” is a combination of two emotions: amusement vs. rage (comic grrr), which will complement each other on the boards, signifying the underworld!