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Groovy & Stinky Fest 2022


22.4. – 23.4.2022


1st wave (900 CZK) sold out / 2. vlna 999 Kč / 3. vlna 1100 Kč

presale via GoOut

Indoor festival of extreme music in the one of the oldest club in Prague!

Confirmed bands:
Haemorrhage (Spain) – gore grind
Dyscarnate (UK) – death grind
Kraanium (Norway) – slam
Gutalax (CZ) – gore grind
Craniotomy (Slovakia) – brutal death
SPASM (CZ) – gore grind
Contrastic (CZ) – grindcore
PaRtY-CaNnOn (Scotland) – brutal death
Carnal Diafragma (CZ) – gore grind
Nuclear Vomit (Poland) – gore grind
Perfecitizen (CZ) – death grind
MINCING FURY and G.C.o.Q.D. (CZ) – death grind
Murder Rape Amputate (CZ) – gore grind
Prolapsed (CZ) – death grind
We All Gonna Die (CZ) – deathcore