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Groovy & Stinky Fest 2020


11.9. – 12.9.2020


sold out

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New indoor festival of extreme music in the one of the oldest club in Prague!

Confirmed bands:

* Origin (Death Metal/USA)
* GUT (Gore Grind/Germany)
* Visceral Disgorge (Brutal Death – Slam/USA)
* Cytotoxin (Brutal Death/Germany)
* GUTALAX (Gore Grind/Czech Republic)
* Stillbirth (Brutal Death/Germany)
* Epicardiectomy (Slam/Czech Republic)
* S.C.A.T. (Gore Grind/Russia)
* Purulent Spermcanal (Gore Grind/Czech Republic)
* DIPHTERIA (Death – Grind/Czech Republic)
* Anime Torment (Progressive Death Metal/Czech Republic)
* Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay (Brutal Death/Czech Republic)
* Murder_Rape_Amputate (Gore Grind/Czech Republic)
* BowelFuck (Grindcore/Czech Republic)
* Pothead (Gore Grind/Czech Republic)