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Grindhouse (AUS) + support: Garage Rattlesnakes


Tuesday 16.8.2022, 20:00


250 CZK in presale / 300 CZK at doors

presale via GoOut

“If you put meth in a gas tank instead of gasoline that’s what Grindhouse sound like”

In 2014 Melbourne garage rock’n’roll band Grindhouse was born. Heavily influenced by heavy hitting Aussie proto punk forefathers The Saints and Radio Birdman, Grindhouse forged its reputation with influences from Australian production cars and a high octane proto punk sound.

Grindhouse, thats 5 sexually misguided punk rock outlaws on a mission to deliver low down, cheap seats dirty garage rock action at all costs.

With four studio albums under the belt and having worked with Steven McDonald (The Melvins, OFF! and Redd Kross) on recording and production, the boys are set for a blistering 2022. They’re hard, they’re dumb and they’re fast… but are you ready?

If so, write down the date 16th August 2022, they will come to Prague for their very first time!

Garage Rattlesnakes