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FreeZone: The Hron Brothers a The Vibe


Tuesday 9.1.2024, 19:05


free entry

The Hron brothers
The band’s current repertoire consists mostly of popular rock hits from the turn of the millennium. The singing Hron brothers Filip and Dominik are complemented by the bouncy bassist Marek, who can handle many vocals with gusto. The melodic parts are complemented by Honza “Čechy” Čechura on electric guitar and the singing violinist Tereza Musilová is definitely not holding back. On the other hand, the less drummer Roman Hudec is seen, the more his chops can be heard.

Nikol Votrubová & The Vibe
The Vibe is an up-and-coming band that was formed less than a year ago. It was founded by singer Nikol Votrubová. The band plays mostly pop, rock or funk. They play both covers and Nikol’s own songs, which are still growing.