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FreeZone: Steakhaus, Atomy Nevadí, Hextape a další


Tuesday 23.1.2024, 19:00


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“When we get together we’ll put our heads together on top of hot,
but always playful, just nicotine for a lip instead of a cigarette.”

That’s us STEAKHAUS guys, who have been getting together since 2010 to create music that not only pleases us, but rewards us with hearing that it pleases ears other than our own. We find ourselves in indie rock tunes spiced with funky rhythms accompanied by Czech lyrics.
We have enough songs on our conscience to make two albums, but we only made our mark on the vinyl charts in 05/2023 when we released our debut EP Jedeme k vám. It won’t last long as the only one, because we announced another upcoming EP for 02/2024. It’s an addictive thing, so we’ll keep doing it.
What always drives us forward is the shows. Vagon, Chapeau Rouge, Cafe V lese, Cross, Rock Café and other clubs not only in Prague were proof of that. You can feel the energy from every concert, which goes with the rhythm! The omnipresent vibe, the goosebumps, the palpable density of the air – that’s how we like it, that’s how we want it to feel.

– alternative/ rock – Litvínov
They combine indie rock with psychadelia, fishing Czech from the dirty waters of Anglicisms while cultivating their friendship of three guys from a small town in a collective depression. This and much more seeps into their work.