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FreeZone: Nixon Lads (album release) + hosté: Bonnie, Dříwí v Lese


Tuesday 12.9.2023, 19:05


free entry

Do you like the atmosphere of gas stations, motor lodges, fast cars or horses and still haven’t forgotten the obvious charm of President Nixon? Or are you just a damn good person or a beautiful being? Be advised that you are cordially invited to join the Nixon Lads on a spectacular tour of the band, which is releasing a full-length album after three years and will be visiting well-known concert halls of select motor clubs in the region and beyond. The record is titled “Tonight In the Roadhouse” and will be released on September 8.

Two bands that have charmed us will be on tour with us:

Bonnie – These four Ionians will satisfy all the listeners who leave the gigs with a 9/10 rating sign because they couldn’t sing anything with the bands in their native language (not valid for US and UK gigs). This way we can all sing along to classics about booze, summer, weed and summer boozing.

Dříwí V Lese – the guys from Dříwí come to gigs beautifully dressed, they’re warmed by their youth, and they can spice up the various repertoire with a bravura cover here and there.

You can buy the album on the medium of our youth, i.e. in the form of a CD-ROM, where besides various songs you will find a lot of readings, thematic artworks from the exhibition of our baptism and the love of our four.

Count on a bonus discount if you buy the CD at the door. The CD will then be significantly cheaper than at Bontonland.

If you arrive by Cadillac Eldorado, Chevy Camaro or horseback, you get a free round of bourbon at the bar.