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FreeZone: Lukáš Horký graduation concert


Tuesday 14.5.2024, 20:00


Free entry

It’s here! My 111th illegal techno party a.k.a. Graduation concert. All good things come to an end and so my studies at the hedgehog school are slowly reaching their grandiose Coda. There will be songs beautiful and romantic, but also for dancing, merrymaking, or proper Mordor down in the cauldron. The whole feast will be in two courses. In the first one will shine colleagues Libor Cejnar, Samuel Janko, Ota Bosman and Jan Chmelík. The second course will be accompanied by colleagues Jan Nezval, Dave Mendez, Matouš Rohovský and Ota Bosman (no mistake, there are few keyboardists). You can also look forward to the guests – Ondřej Vlášek, František Vaníček, Šimon Felanda, Matěj Koudelka and others…. yes, and there will be snacks too.

We’ll kick off at 20:00 (don’t forget to move the kids’ classes in the ZUŠka, we won’t play it 2x because of you). But arrive at 7:30 (there will be plum brandy, but the plums have frozen 3 years in a row). Finally, I’d like to add that I didn’t pay anything and the amount absolutely doesn’t add up, but we’ll talk about it in Rock Café. Bye. Luke, the Hot