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Free Zone: The Last June + guests


Tuesday 6.2.2024, 20:00


free entry

The Last June is a trio that came together in early 2022 in a Prague rehearsal room. They’re banging out their songs in English about love, life and the corruption of today’s society.

They mix alternative rock with synths and are not afraid to go beyond their genre. TLJ are singer and guitarist Michal Kovář, bassist Dominik Vozobule and drummer Honza Košina.

The band was ranked 10th out of 871 bands entered in the REC.stage 2023 competition. You could hear them at the Majáles Vimperk festival, Votvírák, at the Rock Café club or as a support act for the band Th!s.

Listen to their debut EP Into the Depths, which was produced by Amák Golden or Rony Janeček, like them on FB, follow them on IG and don’t hesitate to come and listen to their concert.