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Fource presents: Role Model (USA)


Wednesday 17.8.2022, 20:00


490 CZK in presale / 590 CZK at doors

presale via, GoOut and Ticketmaster

Role Model is the alias of Tucker Pillsbury, a singer and songwriter whose processing of complex emotions is belied by his restrained vocals and preference for easygoing and often strummy pop. Within a year of self-releasing his first EP, he landed a deal with Interscope through Benny Blanco’s Mad Love.

After he made a couple mixtapes that left him doubting his potential as a rapper, he started singing, quickly took to it, and ultimately changed direction with a subsequent newfound emphasis on songwriting. He debuted in 2017 with Arizona in the Summer, a four-song EP produced by local collaborator Owen Ardell. His debut album Rx will be out April 8th 2022. “As much as I love being alone, I think even the strongest people have a breaking point. I spent years completely alone and got to a point where I needed help, which later came in the form of a girl, who I fell in love with. This song is that stage of desperation that I felt could be compared to the way some people find God. When you’re on your knees just begging for something or someONE. It sets up the album perfectly,” he said about the lead single If Jesus Saves, She’s My Type.