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music presents: Griz (USA)


Saturday 29.2.2020, 20:00


395 CZK

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One of the leading independent artists in electronic music today, GRiZ, is the Detroit-born, Denver-based multifaceted artist who’s funkin’ up dance floors worldwide with his self-described future funk sound, which mixes electronic music with his fiery live saxophone and energetic funk. Griz returns with ”Ride Waves,’ his new self-released album, his most creatively ambitious and most personal project to date, featuring collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg or Dram. ”Sometimes in life, there are big-ass waves that you try and ride, and then you fail. But then you choose to ride the next wave with confidence. To me, Ride Waves is about how all the ups in life come with the downs.”