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Esence + host: Oba konce duhy


Thursday 23.11.2023, 20:00


180 CZK in presale / 200 CZK at doors

presale via GoOut

As our Honza says: “Some people go for quality, others for quantity, we go for quantity.”
Therefore, we are proud and happy to invite you to a concert that has a 100% probability of happening.
So maybe definitely come.
Note: Probability subject to change.

Esence is a Prague-based band that wraps “singer-songwriter” songs with distinctive Czech lyrics in straightforward rock, sometimes in sophisticated pop arrangements. The band’s sound is based on intertwining guitar and keyboard parts, the cherry on the cake is the unmistakable sound of the electric violin.

Essence’s live performances are known for their unbridled energy and great commitment. In 2009 the band released their eponymous debut (producer: Filip Benešovský, sound: Michal Pekárek). In response to the positive reception of the folk audience, Esence released the acoustic album Folk You! Indigo Children from 2013 (producer: Esence and Vít Sázavský, sound: Ondřej Ježek). It is also the source of the song Blocking You – the first music video Esence played in 2016.