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Dog of Man (UK), Ham Legion (UK) + support


Wednesday 10.4.2019, 20:00


120 CZK

tickets only at doors

Dog of Man are a Brighton-based psyche punk/alt rock band who love to make music and play shows in dirty house parties and at cult gatherings.
Dog of Man bring the sound of the filth-stricken basement, fizzing electric accordion and angular guitar together in a glorious cacophony of bitcrushed, ambient and melodic acid-punk that will leave your jaw hanging beside your pasty white ankles.

Ham Legion
Bursting with beaming up beat power pop, grinding grunge outbursts, dramatic changes of mood and tons of vocals. Ham Legion’s compact mini-epics dive through all this into sudden passages of twisting, complex prog back to the Englishness of 60s pop, punk and new wave and then to occasional moments of restrained delivery and somber reflection. A bizarre but compelling mish-mash of styles and influences in bite sized chunks.

Support: tba