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Depeche Mode LiVE SPiRiTS Party 2020


Saturday 21.11.2020, 19:00


to be announced

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We would like to invite you to our annual Friends Party which for this year will be in a spirit of the recently released live recording and thus aptly titled “LiVE SPiRiTS PARTY”. As always you can look forward to DM’s music being played on 2 stages as well as live performance by DM Revival from Usti nad Labem. Our DM cinema will have the mentioned LiVE SPiRiTS concert and Spirits In The Forest documentary on repeat throughout the night. Come join us for a bit of fun while we’re all waiting for a new studio album.

Live DM Revival: 10:00 PM
Stage 1: DJs Gabo
Stage 2: DJs Agent Orange
DM Cinema: 19:00 – 05:00, Live Spirits album, Spirits In The Forest documentary