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Beseda a křest ke knize Novinářem v Číně 2 – Tomáš Etzler


Wednesday 8.11.2023, 19:00


free entry / registration via GoOut

Don’t go crazy!

We invite you to the launch of Tomáš Etzler’s new book, A Journalist in China. Don’t go crazy!, which is a free, long-awaited sequel to the book Journalist in China. What on earth have I done?

Another batch of raw stories from Thomas’s Asian decade , which would take several human lives. How has China’s development been affected by the one-child policy? What is the status of women here? What was Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, China’s most famous dissident? Should we fear China’s expansionism? Has the island of Hainan succeeded in making Hawaii the Hawaii of the East? How was Etzler’s documentary film Heaven made? Get a glimpse into the lives of ordinary Chinese people and the life of a foreign journalist reporting from a totalitarian country.

The book will be launched by Petros Michopulos, co-author of the successful non-correct podcast Bullshit and Politics.