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Batáty, Malone, Babyland


Thursday 19.10.2023, 20:00


150 CZK

only at doors

Groovy Night at the Rock Café!

Starting Summer 2021, we are excited to welcome alternative rock/pop music students! Babyland is a colorful and energetic band with a bipolar sound. They are represented by the charismatic Baby on lead vocals, Michael on guitar, Lime on bass and Pilotos Jáchymos on drums. Get ready for an overflowing musical palette!

Batáty is a funk-rock band from České Budějovice. The crazy singer and the rhythm section are complemented by a trumpet player, a trombone player and a saxophone player. Expect unrelenting grooves, misunderstood jokes and a naked Lukáš Holý at the performance of this wild pack. You’ll take away a heart full of love and anger, and maybe even a recipe for a simple potato pie.

Chago belo! Miloš, Honza, Kuba, Matěj and Mára met in Hradec Králové almost three decades ago, in the days when “Malone” seemed to be a great name for a band. Let’s go back to the golden nineties! Malone bring us a piece of history and an unforgettable sound.

The whole evening will be in one word – totally awesome. Get ready for a wonderful mix of genres, incredible energy and unexpected surprises. This is a night to remember! Come with your friends, dance and enjoy a unique musical experience! Share this event with others and let us know you’re coming!