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Balaklava Blues (CAN/UA)


Tuesday 15.8.2023, 20:00


430 CZK in presale / 490 CZK at doors

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Ukrainian-Canadian trio Balaklava Blues are among the most active fighters on Ukraine’s cultural front, having supported Ukraine on the global scale since 2014.

The band describes itself as folk-noir – cinematographic, surreal music without skin, just guts and nerves. It is music that will leave its mark on in music history as the voice and sound of Ukrainian resistance and global unity. Falling somewhere between a traditional song cycle and a full blown multimedia techno show, Balaklava Blues experiments with Ukrainian polyphony and other musical styles.
Balaklava Blues was found by the ethnic Ukrainian man, born in Toronto and the Ukrainian woman from Kiev. Mark and Marichka met in 2014 on Maidan, Kyiv, created the Family and a vast range of important and very powerful worldwide known projects in Music and the field of Theatre in Toronto. The War in Ukraine for them is the part of Life, because Brothers of both: Marichka and Mark are fighting in armed forces of Ukraine. The other very significant part of Marichka’s Family was killed in suburbs of Kiev, but they succeeded to help others to find temporary shelter in Canada. The fund raising for Ukrainians by means of the Music – is their everyday job.