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Ayrobus (křest desky 66) a Jolly Joker


Saturday 27.4.2024, 19:00


200 Kč in presale / 250 Kč at doors

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Jarda Zajpt (formerly of the Prague band Omnibus) performs after more than 25 years (performance in RC April 1994) The band has been through players such as Robert Kodym and PBCH (Wanastovy vjeci, Lucie), Jarda guested in the Prague punk band Zikkurat (J. Křivka, V. Čok, O. Baláž), flashed in Švehlík and was at the birth of electronic music in the Czech Republic in the 80s, 90s (vinyl double album released by Endless Rec. Illusion (1982-1985)

Today the sound of the band is completely different.

Omnibus / today Ayrobus

Jarda Zajpt nominated guests from the former band Omnibus (1982 – 1994) for this one and only concert in the Czech Republic:
Luboš Lauterbach – bass, Jirka Jelinek – drums (now bass in Hudba Praha), Ota Mandelík – guitar
Another guest is Helen RockHousle – violin

Style: alternative rock

Founded by Jarda Zajpt and Petr Dikan in 1979. They were classmates at the electrical engineering school and so electronics was very close to them. P. Dikan gradually constructed several sound devices, which he operated on recordings and also at concerts. Jarda Zajpt, who at the time was heavily influenced by the work of Brain Eno and Robert Fripp of King Crimson, played guitars using various effects, pre-recorded tapes, and one or more interconnected tape recorders.

In 2013, Jolly Joker and P.B.U.

Peter Kumandjas’ solo project ICEBREAKER

In which he now comes up with a new program under the name

JOLLY JOKER DE LUXE which is a cross-section of the best of JJ+P.B.U.’s work, mostly from the 1990s, including tracks from the two live albums Live in Rockafe l. and Live in Rockafe II.


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